Cappah Group offers commercial, industrial and residential concrete construction services.

Our team has the ability and expertise to manage even the largest commercial concreting projects. Our experienced team of project managers and office personnel works with architects, engineers, government bodies and head contractors to complete projects on time and on budget. Every project is well resourced and features one point of contact for jumpforms, formwork, screens, concrete placement and associated scaffolding.

We’re experts in commercial concrete

ln terms of construction materials, concrete is often more affordable than other options, and can offer strong overall ‘R’ value insulating performance. Commercial concreting can save businesses money on their power expenses, as buildings constructed of solid material can remain cool during summer and warm in winter.

Concrete is quickly available so shipping costs and supply shortages won’t impact the project timeline. Not having to rely on shipping or import arrangements is a massive benefit to choosing concrete as your construction material.

Cappah is skilled at crafting and moulding concrete slabs on site.

Custom design capability and pre-existing moulds will quickly bring plans to life, and inbuilt durability means concrete projects can survive natural weather anomalies, pests, and excessive moisture. Concrete is also a barrier to fire.

Concreting that exceeds expectations

When you choose to concrete with Cappah, you deal with fully-trained experts who are energetic, safety-aware and committed to a smooth and KPI-driven workflow.

If you have specific concreting needs or an upcoming project that requires concreting expertise, contact us.